Intellectual Property Protection

Confidentiality is the basis for a healthy relationship with the client. The establishment of trust and transparency in the relationship may just be the vital criteria on which the relationship gains credibility

Through our years in the business, we have had a clear understanding of the intellectual property protection rights and what it entails. The ability of securing IP assets could be the difference between establishing your credibility and hunting around for clients. It is very common nowadays for “information leak” to happen – for some customers, it could mean a few thousand dollars and for others, it could mean a few million while for others, their entire business could depend on the confidentiality of data.

We take extreme security measures to enforce IP protection rights and procedures to make sure that what we get stays within the company. Moreover, we ensure that all our employees understand what confidentiality entails and maintain disciplined business ethics both inside the facility and outside.

  • NDAs are signed with each and every customer to ensure that all electronic data is safe.
  • We maintain a strict policy of not entertaining entry of third parties in our workplace or sharing mails or documents with aliens.
  • Every bit of the project is well-protected with pass codes and access codes to authenticate entry. Efficient vulnerability checks and network security protocols are established which ensures that the files are accessible only to our company.
  • Frequent backing up of data modules ensures that data is neither lost nor corrupted due to inconsistencies in the electronic systems.