Effective Communication

Effective Communication is the key to mutual growth. We understand that well in Vertace and make sure every aspect of the progress and process is shared with the client.

Right from the initial stages of the project, we seek to establish a clear and firm communication channel through phone, email and even instant messengers so that there is no chance of disconnection with our clients. We leave it to the client to decide on the regularity with which module updates are shared with them so that they can understand the schedule with which both of us operate. Expedition of the process can be achieved only by effective communication channels – proper iteration and delivery. We also emphasize on the establishment of clear and secure communication channels lest the information be compromised.

We understand the technical difficulties and the concerns of the client that may arise from being based out of different locations. It can be assumed that when we promised to act as an extension of your company, we also mean that we can be contacted and reached any time of the day. Moreover, it makes perfect sense for us to convey details about module progress, updates and even technical issues so that you are aware of the completion quotient of the project.