The word “deification” does not completely describe the relationship that we share with our clients. Whatever they want, we see to that they have it. Even if we don’t possess it in our rulebook, we will create a new entry for it.

Our extent of experience in this field has revealed to us that different businesses have their own set of requirements and expectations from us. Therefore, we have taken the responsibility to pool up all the requirements that have been posed to us and create three engagement models for the benefit of our clients. However, we do realize that there are a multitude of factors that may not have been covered in the system that we created – therefore, we render to our clients the ability to create a new engagement model or customize an existing model to suit their requirements.

Fixed Time and Price – where the requirements are easily definable

This is usually the most viable option for companies which are clear on their project specifications, scope, deliverables and acceptance mode. In this case, Vertace can prepare a document enumerating the cost of the project (fixed price) and a fixed time proposal. To facilitate the initiation of the project, we also do an initial consultation with companies in case they do not fully define the project parameters. In response to the consultation, we create a technical document consisting of the proposal and the parameters.

Time and Material

There are some projects in which the specifications and the project parameters are harder to define because of the continuous iteration that it goes through. In these cases, the Time and Material model becomes the feasible approach to the project. We reserve a special team for project architecture and management and another team to specify the equipment and infrastructure. In this model, we require the client to pay per use of the hourly development efforts for which we ensure proper maintenance of timesheets, progress records and technical documentation.

Extended Development Center

EDC or the Extended Development Center Model is the best model for you if you require us to handle a complete project from design and architecture to maintenance and support. For more information, please refer to the EDC Page