New Product Development

Vertace believes that working in tandem with our clients and functioning as an extended arm of the client requires a detailed understanding of the kind of business the client engages in, their product types, the customers and even their competitors. We take our time in understanding every aspect of the client there is to understand so that when confronted with a doubt as to the creation of a software product, it becomes easier for us to understand what every requirement actually entails. Our new product development is literally a gamut of processes from its inception to release.

We have learnt to adjust to changing customer demands, fluctuating market trends and even rising restlessness among the end users awaiting the release of the product. Therefore, we choose to evolve our processes and working styles to meet the initial flux that every new product design is confronted with. Vertace even deals with the impossibility of the feasibility analysis reports detailing the tentative date of the product’s release. The iterative process that we follow in our Agile development process cycle ensures that all customer requirements are met and the end users purchase a flexible and easily comprehensible product.

We would be happy to partner with startup companies with strong product ideas and specifications, with the promise of an efficient product release on the specified dates.