SaaS Application Development

Vertace enables easy migration of your existing product family to SaaS model while aiding you in the process of developing new products from the scratch. Latest statistical reports have revealed that more than 40% of newer applications would be SaaS-based while more than 30% of the older products are in the process of being converted to SaaS-models. The reason is simple – the reach of your product is multiplied with its introduction of SaaS-models.

However, neither the development of new SaaS products nor the transitioning of the products into SaaS is simple. The complexity of this sort of applications lies in the process of fundamental variance of the architecture, scalability and flexibility quotients, and the new configuration. We have gained tremendous experience over the past few years to successfully impart the knowledge of modern SaaS architecture to our software professionals.

Among the services we provide on the lines of SaaS, these are the most common ones